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"So the new kid's here?"

"Yes, he is, Logan. Try not to scare this one away."

Logan grinned around his un-lit cigar, eyes crinkling at the edges. "You give me so little credit, Charlie. I promise not to traumatize our new student. Until the second semester, at least." Charles Xavier rolled his eyes, but smiled.

Logan strolled out of the main office, taking out his cigar and absently twirling it in his fingers. So, a new mutant? Logan cocked his head to the side, thinking. What kind of person would he be like?

Tall, thin and very nervous, the newest student (mutant?) clutched his completely new books as he tried to stay away from groups of people over there.

He was lanky, obviously either a vegetarian or he didn't eat that often; he had slightly shaggy brown hair, a warm, kind of inviting brown, like oak; he had his head cast down, constantly though. So, no one really got to look at his face, but he was pale. Not deathly so, just pale like he preferred to stay indoors.

It was third period when Logan was deciding to wander around, the easily frightened new student was hurrying from the Bathroom when Logan walked out of the office. His eyes trained on the floor his chin tucked like a constantly scolded child.

Logan stopped when he saw the scrawny kid. He cocked his head to the other side, still twirling the cigar. He blinked, just staring.

He pursed his lips, before walking over. "Now, you look like someone who stays indoors half the time," he stated, keeping a hand in his jeans as he twirled the cigar. "You know, that isn't very healthy. One can grow and flourish when settled into the sun. Much like plants, actually."

Logan had a habit of spewing out rants to start a conversation.

Flinching, the new Mutant quickly stumbled back away from Logan. He looked up once before focusing back on the floor.

Jonathan tensed, he swallowed hard. "Y-yes.... I know," he said, quietly. "I have a class, excuse me." Why did he even speak?!

Jonathan quickly tried to walk around the man that was in his way.

He avoided any contact with him though, fear of what could happen, what he could see.

The air buzzed around this Mutant. There was something screaming at Jonathan to be seen, pleading and begging.

"Oh pffft. I hardly doubt any of the staff here are going to interrupt a Teacher conversing with a student." He quickly walked next to the nervous man, giving a friendly smile. "My name is Logan. And youuuu," he stopped twirling the cigar and pointed at the man. "Must be the new student." The smile widened to a grin, revealing slightly crooked teeth.

Teacher? As Logan started to walk next to him, Jonathan quickly took a slight side step, making sure there was no room for them to touch.

"Indeed, I am," he answered quietly, a quick sneak of a look to see how far he was from his classroom. "Fifteen steps." He counted aloud, without meaning to. It slipped. A mumble of the next number down slipped from between his lips.

"I'm sorry, Teacher, but since it is my first day, I'm already behind in this year's homework." Jonathan stopped, exactly twelve steps from the door. He kept that close, in his mind, holding onto it.

"Whaaaat? Homework?" Logan pocketed his cigar, cocking his head to the side again. "What stuck-up twit would give homework for a mutant school?" He rolled his head to the other side, squinting his eyes. "Is it Summers? That man desperately needs to take a vacation someday." He blinked, then grinned wide. "Pardon my rudeness, but I didn't manage to catch your name, dear~"

"Ms. Ororo has given us homework," Jonathan said quietly, "and Ms. Gray."

He tensed slightly at the usages of the names before he took two steps back, toward the door. "Ten," he breathed quietly.

"Crane," he said, to the last thing Logan had mentioned. "It's Crane." He took another three steps. "Seven." The counting came out almost compulsively.

"Ahhh. Yes, that would explain that increasing amount of schoolwork and complaining the others have been giving." Logan shook his head and smiled in a friendly manner at the kid. "Well, since you seem eager to get moving, I'll leave you to it. Hope to bump into you again, Crane." With a wink and a grin, he sauntered down the hallway, reaching in his pocket to twirl his cigar again.

Once inside, Jonathan sat down and kept to himself. Nothing buzzed quite like that man had.

He went through his day in peace.


Lunch went by without one of his fatal visions, and it was nearing his last class. Art.

Four minutes later, Jonathan stepped into the art class and his movements became jerky and stiff as a buzz started to pick up around him.

Jonathan quickly made it around the room. He sat down as far away from everyone physically possible, with a table still in front of him.

"Goooood morning, darling pupils~!" Logan slid into the room, all smiles.

"It's evening, Professor."

Logan slouched. He arched an eyebrow while waving his hand, the other hand on his hip. "Morning, evening. Same day. So!" He stood tall and grinned at the class. "Who wants to draw?" A chorus of small cheers made him grin wider.

Jonathan flinched as he heard the Professor. The buzzing got even louder as Logan spoke.

He just hummed, wanting to see whatever it was that was needed to be seen.

Jonathan swallowed hard as he gripped his pencil, hoping that he could remain invisible while the other mutants and the Professor did what they needed to get the class over and done with.

"Right then! Today for class, we shall be studying how to draw abstract." He took a pen from his desk and motioned with it as he talked. "Just let your writing utensil flow on the paper~ As usual, I'll walk around and check your throughout class."

With that said, the students started to draw.

Logan smiled. He loved his job.

Jonathan stared down at the paper quietly. He wasn't sure if Art was such a good idea anymore.

He closed his eyes. The buzz started to drown out anything else that was being said around him.

The brunette wet his lips, before he gathered his bag and stood up to go. Art would have to be changed. He wouldn't be able to handle the buzz much longer, much less a semester of it.

Logan heard the boy get up before he watched him. He frowned as he saw him quickly walk out.

"John," he said to a boy with reddish hair. "Watch the class." And he followed him.

Crane was already down the hallway. "Hey!" he called, jogging after him. He slowed as he walked beside him. "You alright?"

It hummed, the air became electricity around him and Jonathan jumped when he heard the shout.

He turned around instantly, his deep, oceanic blue eyes became wide with confusion before he spotted the professor. Jonathan quickly looked away, clutching the books close to himself as he tried to make himself a smaller target.

"Just fine," Jonathan answered in a strained voice. He cleared his throat. "If you'll excuse me Professor," he said, turning to go.

Logan placed his hand on the boy's shoulder, stopping him. "Now, hang on. If you're not feeling well, I need to escort you to the Infirmary. Can't let you walk around by yourself. Jean will kill me."

Suddenly, he was touched.

Touched by the source of the buzzing.

It all came to him, very quickly, slamming him against a rather large, very angry red brick wall.

Jonathan tensed, his entire body seizing up before suddenly he dropped to his knees, tears springing to his eyes and he started to cry with all of the information, all of the older man's life playing before his eyes. All in a short, three-second period.

Jonathan fell. It really, really looked like he was having a seizure.

Logan almost missed catching the shaking boy, holding him by the shoulders. "Whoa, there!" A look of panic was plastered on the older mutant's face.

Wordlessly, he scooped up the boy in a bridal hold and ran to the Infirmary, a look of pure concentration on his face. In short moments, he was in the ward.

"Jean!" he called, gently placing the boy on a bed. Some of the shaking has subsided.

Jean came to Logan at the shout.

She lifted her eyebrow before looking down at the young student was still twitching, trembling. "What happened?" She asked, focusing on the cupboard behind Logan and getting a sedative before catching it.

She sighed slightly, "Can you hold him down, long enough for me to stick this into his neck?"

Logan gently held down the skinny wrists, still looking slightly panicked.

"I don't know what happened," he answered. He watched Jean press the needle in the white skin. "I was teaching my class, and he walked out after a few minutes. He looked sick, so I went after him to escort him here."

A light-bulb went off, and he pulled his hands back. "I think me touching him triggered it."

Once the kid was settled down, Jean listened to Logan before frowning slightly. "Triggered... his power?"

She blinked lightly and looked at the now very pale, slightly sweaty kid. "Did Professor Xavier tell you what this kid's power was?" she asked as she opened Jonathan's eye slightly, "and did he tell you the kid's name?"

"I didn't get a chance to find out more about him. I know his last name is Crane, and he's a loner." Logan pulled a chair over and sat down near the bed.

He shrugged. "He didn't talk that much when I tried to start a conversation."

She smiled slightly at Logan's bit of information. "Just like you used to be."

She checked his pulse, before moving his hair back and starting to place some small pads on his forehead, carefully spaced. "What do you think his mutation is? How long did you touch him before he had his seizure?"

Logan stuck his tongue out, leaning in the chair. "I only touched him for a moment, half a minute. Whatever caused him to start to break down and cry must be something pretty powerful. 'Would explain why he always keeps to himself."

Logan got up. "I got to get back. I put John in charge of my class, so there must be something broken to clean up."

Half a minute? That wasn't very long.

She listened to Logan, both his thoughts and his actual spoken words before looking back at Jonathan. "Alright, Logan. I want you to come back here when you're done with your class, though," she said calmly, before focusing back on the task of getting Jonathan stabilized from the seizure.

Logan walked out of the room, waving slightly. "Will do, dear. Oh." He turned around, one eyebrow raised. "Can you tell Summers to breathe for once? Heard he's been giving homework out the wazoo lately." He blew a kiss and winked, and he was out the door.

Jean smiled slightly at Logan's words before going back to focusing on Jonathan. She noted the conversation starter for later with her Fiance.
And lo! Another glorious roleplay~! 8DD

Me and ~shadows666 got to reminiscing about out earlier X-men rp, and we both decided to try it over, but as a brand-spanking-new version.

Which means: Young!Jonathan Crane, British and Charming!Logan, and memory problems all around!

Btw, Hugh Jackman is currently NOT going to be Logan in this baby. Know why?

[link] That's why~

~shadows666 = Jonathan Crane, Jean Gray
~Purple-Hero = Logan, Charles Xavier

:star: All characters belong to their respective owners. :star:
Adrian-SR Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I support Hardy!Logan. :B
Also Young!Mutant!Crane. With the powers to see people's past. :B So much.
Purple-Hero Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
XDDD Who couldn't support those bulging biceps~?
Adrian-SR Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fuckin' weirdos, that's who. :B
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